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Angel Kanchev University of Ruse

Angel Kanchev Ruse University has adopted as its mission the dissemination of knowledge, basic and applied science researches and the implementation of innovations in life, which help to develop highly qualified specialists and maintain a sustainable development for the region and the country. ... Read more

National Academy of Art

The State Drawing School was opened on 1 October 1896 by Decree signed by Prince Ferdinand. This Act made legitimate the oldest institution for higher education in Bulgaria. Where an institution weighs in place more than a century, it inevitably acquires that wise autonomy which always survives t... Read more

New Bulgarian University

New Bulgarian University was established on September 18, 1991 by decision of the Grand National Assembly. On July 5, 2001 NBU received institutional accreditation from the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation for a maximum 5-year period, and in December 2006 received institutional accre... Read more

Technical University of Sofia

Technical University of Sofia is a leader in the field of nanotechnologies, virtual engineering, energy efficiency, renewable energy resources, engineering ecology and engineering design, in application of the best practices as philosophy and fundamental principles in engineering activity.... Read more

Technical University of Varna

Technical University of Varna is the only Bulgarian civil state university which, given its geographical position, performs the specific mission to integrate into an overall process the preparation of graduates and performance of research related to shipbuilding and marine technology, shipping and w... Read more