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Age2023 years
Location   ,

2023 years - ,

Personal information: Interior Architecture, Etropole; Furniture Production, UF, Sofia.

Education: Interior Architecture, Etropole; Furniture Production, UF, Sofia.

Key influences: Lievore Altherr Molina, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Mark Newson, Alberto Meda, Marcel Wanders, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The old workshop. 

Personal style: Moderate minimalism. 

Dream space: A loft on the Thames. Bricks, wood, and worn-out slabstone . Plus a spacious white house with minimum furniture and a grand Japanese garden. 

What else: Believes it is high time that the Bulgarian industry started to trust and invest in innovative ideas. His one desire is to have the opportunity to design products, which will then be produced, sold and enjoyed by all.

Valeri Marinov is a cofounder of Fimera Design - an interior and product design studio. We create harmonious, functional and exceptional solutions for public and private spaces, furniture and products. We strive for excellence from start to finish and oversee the implementation of our ideas to the last small detail. The studio was founded in 2006 by three talented designers, as a natural step in their professional career and development. Fimera quickly became a platform for innovative concepts, which respect the clients’ ideas, whilst incorporating the designers’ vision and expertise.

Two years later, Fimera Design was already among the most productive and sought-after studios in Sofia. It sports a portfolio of over 50 projects, regularly featured in all major Bulgarian architecture and design publications. With equal passion and commitment the team designs both mini apartments with limited budgets, and luxury hotels, bars and cafes, commercial stores, offices and public buildings. We claim there is no universal formula for good design. Every time we start from scratch and invariably choose experiment over the well-trodden paths. We believe this is the best philosophy for pushing our capacity and talents to the limit.