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GOEV Studio

Interior design, furniture and project making

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NameGOEV Studio
Location   Ruse, Bulgaria

GOEV Studio

Ruse, Bulgaria

GOEV Ltd. is a product and interior design studio with a creative team, which is making brave steps to skip within the country.

The young team philosophy can be described with one word only - chameleon. This is a prove that the design can only be fit cut by measure and is supposed to serve the user.

In order to create GOEV studio, goals had to be set. They had to help build the studio's character which should be visible in every project and remain in the clients' mind. This character is now attracting new clients!

In GOEV studio's list are firms like: Pierre Cardin, Apolon, Wrangler, Rifle, Kappa, Denyl, Lee, Furela, Aiko, Interior 46, etc. The projects the studio is working on at the moment are luxury home interiors, stores and office spaces in different parts of Bulgaria.