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Gencho Goev

cluster manager

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Name Gencho Goev
Age39 years
Location   Ruse, Bulgaria
Experience10 years

Gencho Goev

39 years - Ruse, Bulgaria

Gencho Goev is one of the successful interior designers in Bulgaria in the recent years. He graduates the art school in Tryavna and later studies Engineer Design in “Angel Kanchev” Ruse University. When still a student he opens his own interior design studio – GOEV Ltd., which rapidly gains popularity and is recognized as one of the leading in the country.

Over the years Goev won numerous prestigious awards. For his contribution in design, he won many awards, including “Designer of the Years” and “Most prosperous young designer”, which he won in 2005 only 22 years old.

In 2011 he expanded his business with the opening of Desense Design Center – a project that successfully established the design offering from A to Z in all its known forms.

Goev is one of the founders of a virtual association of furniture and interior designers, and since recently its new owner. He has the ambition to make the platform the first of its kind in Bulgaria professional environment between clients and designers.

In 2013 Gencho Goev launched his new project GRID Design Lab which aims to to give talented students a chance to show their abilities while still in the university by connecting them with the real business and giving them a playing field.