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Information meeting of Grid in Sofia

Grid presenting before leading manufacturers

On 30.10. at 16.30 h. in the Investbank Business Building, 3rd floor (opposite the City Centre Mall Sofia), Sofia will be held an information meeting of Grid design cluster.

The presentation aims at demonstrating the opportunities for work with the cluster and the way manufacturers could use Grid’s services.
You can find out what the platform actually is, how it works and what the direct benefits for your business are, if you attend the information meeting.
Selected companies are invited but the meeting may be attended by others, who wish to find out more about the project and to cooperate with Grid.
The presentation will show also the opportunities to work with the platform for professionals- DIBLA.COM.
You are welcome to the meeting. You will have the chance to meet part of the administrative team of both platforms - GRID and DIBLA, as well as to ask questions, and to become familiar with the opportunities they provide you.